Linda M. Rock-Kreutz, Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Lori Radcliffe, President & Chief Executive Officer

Loretta A. Smith, Vice President-Security Officer & Personnel Officer

Edith E. Shell, Senior Vice President & Corporate Secretary – Commercial and RE Loans

Duncan Davidson, Vice President-Installment Loans

Lisa S. Page, Senior Vice President-Marketing

Jerry Rock, Senior Vice President-Information Technologies

Scott Kreutz, Senior Vice President-Commercial & Real Estate Loans

George F. Rock, IV, Senior Vice President-Commercial & Real Estate Loans

Larry Thompson, Vice President & Auditor – Auditing and Compliance

Justin Hopkins, Vice President-Installment Loans

Lynn Rolston, Vice President & Cashier – Operations

Donna Gutierrez, Vice President & Controller – Accounting

Janice Williams,  Vice President-Training & BSA

Gena Romero, Assistant Vice President-Commercial & Real Estate Loans

Bernadette Mercado, Assistant Cashier-Branch Manager

Angela Scavone, Assistant Cashier

Sarah Javors, Assistant Cashier-Branch Manager

Denise Aranda, Assistant Cashier-Bookkeeping Manager

Mae Williams, Assistant Cashier-New Account Manager

Eric Dyckman, Assisstant Cashier-Branch Manager 

Sales Team

Steve Cook, Executive Sales Director

Zabeth Chacon, Business Development