Effective October 2015

Safe Deposit Box Services

Small (Yearly Charge) $40.00
Medium (Yearly Charge) $60.00
Large (Yearly Charge) $85.00
Extra Large (Yearly Charge) $110.00
Key Deposit $20.00
Box Drilling $150.00
Late Rental Fee $10.00 

Teller Services

Cashiers Checks-Customer $5.00
Cashiers Checks-Non Customer (Exchange Fee) $20.00
Cash a Non-Customer Check $5.00
Money Orders-Customer (up to $300) $3.00
Indemnity Bonds-Customer (Lost or Stolen) $15.00
Indemnity Bonds-Non Customer $25.00
Re-issue Cashiers Checks and Money Orders $3.00
Temporary Checks $1.00 

Collection and Wire Transfer Services

Collection-Bond and Coupon (Per Bond or Coupon) $20.00
Collection-Check/Draft $20.00
Collection Items-Incoming $20.00
Collection Items-Outgoing $20.00
Wire Transfers (Domestic) Incoming - Customer $15.00
Wire Transfers (Domestic) Outgoing - Customer $25.00
Wire Transfers International Charges Vary by Transaction 

Demand Deposit Services

Account Activity Printout $3.00
ATM Card (Per Year) Each Card $10.00
ATM Transaction Fee (for non The Bank of Denver ATMs) $1.50
Debit Card (Per Year) Each Card $10.00
ATM/Debit Card Reissue $10.00
Special Handling $100.00

Check Printing Prices Vary Depending

on Style of Checks

Check Safekeeping Free
Check Images Returned in Statement (Per Month) $2.50
Close New Accounts (Checking or Savings
within 180 Days)
Deposit Correction $3.00
Notice of Levy $150.00
Notice of Garnishment $150.00
Overdraft and Non-sufficient Funds, $210.00 Maximum Per Day 
Each Item Paid $30.00
Each Item Returned $30.00
Daily Overdraft Fee (Charged each business day after the 3rd business day) $3.50
Reject Due to MICR Encoding on Checks $0.15
Return Items (Checking, Savings) $10.00 
Returned Statements (Second or Subsequent Months) $5.00
Safety Sweep $3.00
Special Statement $20.00
Stop Payment or Renewal $35.00

Special Services

Account Reconciliation Per Hour (Minimum Charge $25.00) $25.00
Amortization Schedule $15.00
Online Banking Free
Online Banking-Bill Pay (Per Month – Up to 20 Items) $3.95
Online Banking-Bill Pay (Each Item over 20 Items) $0.50
Online Banking-E-Account/Bill Pay Free
Remote Deposit
Small Business No Scanner (Per Month) $25.00
Small Scanner (Per Month) $75.00
Large Scanner (Per Month) $100.00 
Each Item Over 200 $0.15
Closed Accounts 
Close IRA $75.00
Dormant Accounts
Checking Account (Monthly – After 12 months, balance less than $100.00) $10.00
Money Market Account (Monthly – After 12 months, balance less than $100.00) $10.00
Savings Account (Monthly – After 12 months, balance less than $100.00) $10.00
Lock Bags $25.00
Zipper Bags $5.00
Notary Services (Per Document) – Customers Free
Notary Services (Per Document) – Non Customers $2.00
Photocopy (Any Document) $1.00
Photocopy of Statements $5.00
Research (Per Hour) $25.00 
Research (Per Item) $1.00

This is not a complete list of all of our fees. Contact a Customer Service Representative for a complete list.